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Slime & Crime or: Meet the Garden Police!

The Greater Garden juridiction has erupted into a hotbed of crime, and its the task of the GGPD officers to serve, slime and protect!

Book one of the GGPD Files: Slime& Crime

If you thought the garden was a quiet place…

Called on an accidental heat-death, the best sleuth of the Greater Garden Police Department suspects foul play. Officer Gowoon slogs her way through her investigation, among the low-lifes and beer-smugglers, warding off colleagues mating attempts and keeping a wary eyestalk for those lightning-fast giants roaming the territory.

Fortunately, she can count on brawny Zgouish for assistance, but his bad-slogger charm instills fuzzy feeling under her shell. Soon, she finds herself head over shell engulfed in a murky case that could spell the end of her career in the GGPD… and her life.

Murder, beer-smuggling, corruption, steamy passions, slime and slobbering kisses… your backyard has never been so interesting!

Slime & Crime, Echofictions, 42 p.

ISBN 978-1-988339-65-8 (ebook)
ISBN 978-1-988339-67-2  (print)

A snail in the garden / un escargot
A snail in the garden, overcoming obstacles in its unfailing quest for justice

From the author Michèle Laframboise:

I enjoy gardening and observing the various lifeforms for whom the garden is a pitiless jungle. The snails are peculiar creatures, hermaphrodites, deafs, tenacious, often hated by gardeners. As I also enjoy police procedurals, I wrote that story, first published in issue 22 of Fiction River.

Un mot de l’auteure:

En jardinant, j’aime observer la faune pour laquelle le jardin est une dangereuse jungle. En particulier les escargots qui sont tellement étrange, hermaphrodite, sourds, tenaces, détestés des jardiniers. Comme j’aime aussi les romans policiers, cela m’a inspiré cette histoire écrite voici trois ans, et publiée en 2017 dans Fiction Rivers 22.

(Traduction française en cours. )

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