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Don’t Go There…

Back Door Area, the most dangerous place in the Greater Garden... A Snail Police Story!

Back Door Area
Training recruits can kill your career… or kill you!

As spring turns into summer, Officer Gowoon’s talent for crime-solving must take a back seat as the heady snail is tasked with the formation of police recruits… However, the unruly crowd, counting a devious seductor and a glutton, could doom Gowoon’s career in the GGPD. Especially as they must cross the Back Door Area, the most dangerous place in the Garden.

Drama, disputes, danger, nothing will stop Gowoon from protecting her recruits.

Corruption and back-stabbing, danger and sexual tension… your backyard has never been so interesting! If you like a quirky story-telling style close to Watership Down, but with garden snails, venture into Back Door Area…   

Back Door Area is the second book in the Greater Garden Snail Police series, following the events in Slime & Crime.

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