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Mistress of the Winds

A Story of the Gardeners' Universe

Discover a civilization of space-faring Gardeners with no equals
in the science-fiction world!

With Mistress of the Winds, multi-award winning author Michèle Laframboise has created a richly-developed world populated with vivid and endearing characters. Follow young Adalou as she struggles against powerful foes and her own body’s limits in the most prestigious kite contest of the planet!

This YA graphic novel kidnaps you into an alien civilization so out of this world that you will want to know more about it… and zoom through the pages before giving it to your daughter!

Fans of Babylon 5, Star Trek and Bride Stories will eat up this delicious coming-of-age story sprouting from Michèle’s fertile imagination.

 — Echofictions

Adalou running to lift her red kite


About Laframboise’s writing:

A far-flung space opera reminiscent of Liu Cixin’s book.”
—Alex Shvartsman, Future SF

About the Gardeners’ civilisation:

 “The most original world creation in young adult science fiction
—Jean-Louis Trudel

Practical details

Age range: 12+
Keywords: Gardeners’ universe / teenage girl protagonist / upbeat graphic novel / coming of age story / kite flying / perseverance and grit / Alien Gardeners’ civilization 

Print length: 92 pages
B&W interior art
Trim size : 8x 5.25 in
weight: 159g
Publication date: September 2022

ISBN 978-1-990824-07-4 paperback       14.95 CDN / 11.99 USD
ISBN 978-1-990824-06-7  ebook                4.99 CDN /   3.99 USD

ARC Contact: echo@echofictions.com

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