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Hard-boiled sleuths at work in your garden !

With spring, the Greater Garden jurisdiction erupts into a hotbed of crime...

5 Cases from the GGPD Files 

Cover of the collection

Multi-award winning author Michèle Laframboise has created richly-developed SF worlds. But the weirdest creatures of all live under our feet !

With spring, the Greater Garden jurisdiction erupts into a hotbed of crime where beer-smugglers and predators threaten the law-abiding snails. Corruption, murder, steamy sexual tension… Your backyard has never been so interesting!

Five fun, exciting tales featuring the hardboiled snail cops of the GGPD. Fans of Watership Down, brace yourselves for a whole new animal experience !

— Echofictions

About Michèle’s SF writing:
A far-flung space opera reminiscent of Liu Cixin’s book.”
—Alex Shvartsman, Future SF

Slime&Crime cover with snail advancing towards danger.
Slime & Crime

About Slime & Crime :
Laframboise does an excellent job of translating the rhythm and feel of the typical murder mystery into the realities of a snail’s eye view.
   — Robert Turner, Tangent Online

Practical details:

Title: 5 Cases from the GGPD Files
Subtitle: A Greater Garden Snail Police collection

Date of publication: October 2022

Print length: 220 pages
Trim size : 8 x 5 x 0.5 in
weight: 281 g / 0.62 lbs  

ISBN 978-1-990824-09-8 paperback       14.95 CDN / 11.99 USD
ISBN 978-1-990824-08-1  ebook                5.99 CDN /   4.99 USD

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