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Beware of the Green Snake!

A water-spurting killer, slithering through the high grass… A new Greater Garden Snail Police story!

Green Snake, a new Greater Garden Snail Police story
Don’t wake this sneaky killer…

Tasked with the training of new GGPD officers, Gowoon vows to keep her recruits alive. But the path to Front yard passes under the Green Snake’s peg, where Gowoon finds the body of her best informer. But where is the water-spurting killer? Slithering through the high grass…

Deadly giants, murder, drama, desire, disputes, nothing will stop the headstrong snail from protecting her recruits and her career!

Corruption and back-stabbing, danger and sexual tension… your backyard has never been so interesting!

Book 3 of the Greater Garden Snail Police is online at Amazon and Kobo!

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