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End-of-Year Surprise

Condor Cliff Cover

Condor Cliff available on KDP, Kobo, D2D

Equipped with her Sibley guide, explorer hat and field glasses, Amanda Byrd fearlessly pursues the most elusive winged species.

Following on her late husband’s footsteps, she explores a beautiful canyon, along with a gaggle of tourists led by Ed, a very patient native guide. As a majestic California Condor swoops overhead, Amanda discovers that their group has been trapped at the bottom… (more)

A short mystery story introducing the fearless and feisty Lady Byrd, by multiple-award-winning  author Michèle Laframboise!


Condor Cliff is the second book in the WOW Stories collection of Echofictions, and the first in the Bold And Birding Series.

Sortie de fin d’année

La fin de l’année voit la naissance d’une héroïne qui en a vu des vertes et des pas mûres, Lady Byrd! La version anglaise vient de sortir; pour les lecteurs francophones, la version française, Condor Canyon,  sortira en fin janvier dans la collection Formidables.

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