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COVER_HowToThinkInsideBoxMAJ_150   How to Think inside the Box

Space-opera/Humor/Action – A WOW Short-story – Christmas 2017

Loongunis need constant change to thrive, while the strange-haired Earthmen hate the endless unstability. When an incident impairs the shift engines of their traveling Box, the enforced immobility will drive all Loongunis aboard into madness… unless their translator finds the perfect gift!

2017COVER_CloudsPhoenixEbook150   The Clouds of Phoenix

Planet-opera / handicapped heroine / Middle grade book  – A WOW novel  – January 2018

Blanche, a young paraplegic girl walking with a cobbled-up exosqueleton, observes the strange clouds in the sky of planet Phoenix. She suspects a link between the cloud’s dances and the ruins of a very old city predating their settlement. Except that everyone else is too busy to listen to her…

COVER_braveNewMom150   Brave New Mom

Maternity/fertility/humor – A true story in the Echoe collection – 2018

A recap of the demographic efforts by the author, set in the social landmine of the pressure to perform endured by mothers everywhere. Very short!

CoverComingSoon_Laframboise150  Cans of Worm

Space opera / colonization / YA – A WOW novella – 2018

Set upon a quest to find a suitable planet for humanity, the Worm burrows into space since millennia. In its cans-like habitats, the population lives and dies under harsh privations, hoping for their children to walk on a ground. But what if there is no livable planet on its path?

CoverComingSoon_Laframboise150  Grasshoppers

Dystopia /Ecology/Family/Weapons  – a novel – 2018

Nathan just wants to live in peace and protect his family. He and Mark, his smart, walking weapon…

Cover_MonarqueENG_150  Ice Monarch

Dystopia / Ecology / novella – End of 2019

A human butterfly roams an Earth scarred by climatic changes. He checks out pockets of survivors and reports for his masters living in lavish mobile palaces, rolling over the Arctic synthetic ice.