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White Valentine

On a snowy Valentine Day…

A fantasy geek locked out of his car in a raging snowstorm, late for his blind date, and he’s no elfin warrior. A young woman, no princess either with the scar marring her face, her hopes fading as the snow piles on.

Will this heavy snowfall doom their Valentine date?

A funny and short WOW romance!

Talk about a doomed Valentine Day!
A big fantasy geek summons his courage for a blinddate, only to be fooled by his GPS and locked out of his snowed in car. Being no elfin warrior, Nick plods on in the rapidly piling snow.
Delilah gazes at the snowstorm raging outside her window, losing hope as she fingers the scar marring her face. Then she must choose between waiting for her date and rescuing her nice landlady from an ambitious nephew.
Can the two ever connect?