And you thought the garden was a quiet place…

Welcome to the Greater Garden Police Department!

Police procedural / humor/ garden fantasy/ snails

And you though the garden was a quiet place…

Called on an accidental heat-death, the best sleuth of the Greater Garden Police Department suspects foul play. Officer Gowoon slogs her way through her investigation, among the low-lifes and beer-smugglers, warding off colleagues mating attempts and keeping a wary eyestalk for those lightning-fast giants roaming the territory. Fortunately, she can count on brawny Zgouish for assistance, but his bad-slogger charm instills fuzzy feeling under her shell…

Soon she finds herself head over shell engulfed in a murky case that could spell the end of her career in the GGPD… and her life.


ISBN 978-1-988339-65-8 (ebook)
ISBN 978-1-988339-67-2  (print)

8000 words

Originally published in Fiction River 22, under the direction of John Helfers

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A valiant GGPD officer slogs on the trail…