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Kon Tikki

Rob Sundance, trapped inside a broom closet after a sound beating, victim of his too-sharp wits, awakes in the arms of his dream warrior. Except the young man has sworn off love.

Josh Tallgate had fled his burnt New-York restaurant and his dead mobster lover. In Safe Harbor, he starts on a clean slate with the Kon Tikki, his modest seafood joint. When he rescues a half-conscious elf from a closet, one look into those manga-blue eyes sears his heart. But can he trust fate not to ravish his love again?

A witty gay romance of hope and danger, told by multiple award-winning author Michèle Laframboise.

Gay romance in a Coast of Maine setting

Adult matter subject but no explicit content.

KEYWORDS: second chance, discrimination of LBGT people, hope and friendship, Kon-Tiki-themed restaurant, mobsters, HEA ending

Language: English

Âges: 14+

Length: 280 p.

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