A Monarch butterfly over the Arctic Ice
Butterfly wings over the Arctic

Dystopia / Ecology / Trans-humanism

A human transplanted inside a giant monarch butterfly body roams an Earth scarred by climatic changes. He checks out pockets of survivors and reports for his industrial masters, who live in lavish palaces rolling over the Arctic synthetic ice. The monarch is undestructible, as long as he keep to the rarefied altitudes. But can he stay indifferent to the suffering going on under his wings?

A compelling ecological tale by multiple awards-winning Canadian SF author Michèle Laframboise.


“A gripping and harrowing tale… rich in vivid, evocative details.”
–Maria Haskins

“A well done tale.”

“« Monarque des Glaces », de Michèle Laframboise,
sans doute le plus beau texte, crépusculaire, triste, et tragique.”

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978-1-988339-60-3 (print)

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