Those beautiful horses are from a stock photo, since the author never got the time to snap a pics of the true horses.

Coffee and Chocolate

true story / memories / horses / all-ages

A passenger onboard a train sees a couple of brown horses in an unkempt field. She wonders if they are neglected or loved for by their owner. That small field may be the horses’ last protection against a one-way trip to the slaughterhouse…

A very short but haunting true story by Michèle Laframboise, Canadian multi-award winner author. The tale is complemented with a list of horse rescue centers and a few horse sketches from her hand.

One of the horses sketch inside the electronic book

Useful info

This book is the first in the Echoes Collection, that collect true stories.

Length: 1400 words + Horse rescue centers’ annex
Price: 2/3 cup of coffee

ISBN 978-1-988339-05-4 (epub)
ISBN 978-1-988339-06-1 (mobi)
ISBN 978-1-988339-09-2 (smashwords)

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