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"...a far-flung space opera reminiscent of Liu Cixin's book."

Alex Shvartsman, Future SF

True to the laws of thermodynamics, the expanding universe keeps cooling down. The last transformed humans linger near the black hole at the center of our Galaxy.

The UnAttached, who count their age in billions of years, feed on the powerful X-ray emissions and rail against Entropy, that selfish cousin who sucks leftover energy. The Attached, recently forced to leave their ruined worlds, live too fast.

As the stars around them wink off one by one like in a dying city, what can they hope for ?

A short and crunchy hard-SF story that goes far, far in the future, told by multi-award winning author Michèle Laframboise, translated from the French by N. R. M. Roshak.

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“…a wonderful piece of Science Fiction, full of physics and feeling.”
–Eamonn Murphy, Sf Crow’s Nest


“Cousin Entropy … mixes pure sense of wonder with hard science, exploring the universe and a far, far future of humanity with imagination, kindness, and wisdom.”

— Simone Heller, SFF writer & translator.
Eugie Foster Memorial Award winner.
Sturgeon & Hugo finalist


“The hardcore physics fans out there will certainly enjoy this.”

–Tangent online


This is absolutely charming hard SF

–Karen Burnham, Locus

Available at:
Amazon Kobo Apple Nook D2D