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Control Game

The Otaku Ladies are a trio of talented geek ladies solving (and sometimes creating!) problems in a cyber-environment. Pravda is the cooler mind and problem-solver, Helena a master-debugger cum bodyguard, and Medusa is a fearless VR program tester.

In Control Game, tensions erupt in the trio as a contract smells too fishy to accept, but they need to pay the rent, dont’ they?

A short and sweet adventure in simulation games.



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The Otaku Ladies made their first apparition in La plume Japonaise. Since then, they have their own comic.  

Stapled, 24 pages, B&W inside art.
B&W, 24 pages. Sunday Artist Studios

Age: All ages

Print dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in
Weight: 40 g
Price: 5 $ + 2 $ postage fee

Keywords: Cyberpunk, humor, girl geeks, solidarity

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