CoverComingSoon_Laframboise150  Cans of Worm

Space opera / colonization / YA – A WOW novella – 2018

Set upon a quest to find a suitable planet for humanity, the Worm burrows into space since millennia. In its cans-like habitats, the population lives and dies under harsh privations, hoping for their children to walk on a ground. But what if there is no livable planet on its path?

Curtain’s Call

If you miss the evening Curtain call, the daily pressure drop will kill you…

Alouet, the faster runner, forages in the ruins of the meteor-stricken dome to get water, the most precious good for the Shelter’s inhabitants. When she finds her best friend’s body in the desert, everyone deplores the death wish of a weak mind.

But the surprising truth Alouet discovers in Jill’s notes could change everything for the stranded colony.