CoverComingSoon_Laframboise150  Cans of Worm

Space opera / colonization / YA – A WOW novella – 2021

Set upon a quest to find a suitable planet for humanity, the Worm burrows into space since millennia. In its cans-like habitats, the population lives and dies under harsh privations, hoping for their children to walk on a ground. But what if there is no livable planet on its path?

Green Snake 

Greater Garden Snail Police – 3 

Officer Gowoon has gotten her valiant GGPD recruits past the dreaded Back Door Area. Alas, the way to Front Yard is fraught with new dangers.

She finds the body of her best informant, poisoned. Then she discovers that the Green Snake has slid from his peg. The water-splurting monster slithers through the high grass, allied with the giants roaming the Garden. Can she get her recruits alive at the end of the patrol?