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An excellent introduction to science fiction.

Hélène Marchetto

A threat written in the sky. A budding colony marked for death. A girl no one takes seriously.

Blanche, a disabled girl walking in a cobbled-up exoskeleton, spent long hours watching the strange clouds dancing in the Phoenix sky. She soon realizes that their coordinated figures signals a threat. Alas, the adults building their city discard her concerns. Even her shy sister Lupianne worries more about the oxygen plant’s dropping quotas and her similarly failing social life…

Then, as the cloud dances grow more complex and the temperatures rise to never-seen-before levels, the sisters must join forces with a despised artist to save their budding settlement from total eradication.

Clouds of Phoenix is set in the Gayan Alliance universe of multi-award winning author Michèle Laframboise.

If you like stories featuring a disabled heroine and her much put-upon sister going against family and dangers, you’ll love this clever planet-opera.



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