A fresh take on an old saying!

Space-opera/Humor/Action – A WOW Short-story

Loongunis need constant change to thrive, while the strange-haired Earthmen hate the endless unstability. When a sabotage stops the shift engines of their traveling Box, the enforced immobility will drive all Loongunis aboard into madness… unless their translator finds a solution!

Science fiction adventure at its best, told by multiple award-winning author Michèle Laframboise.

If you like first contact stories featuring an alien POV, this one is for you! A chunky 7000-word SF story. And wait until you spot to whom the story is dedicated!

The critics have spoken…

— When things go haywire (…) the psychological and mathematical elements of the tale come even more to the fore and they are quite interesting.   
Featured Futures

The author does a good job narrating from the point of view of an alien who thinks in very different ways from a human.
Victoria Silverwolf, Tangent Online


Collection: WOW 

Length: 7000 words

Price: about one cup of coffee

ISBN 978-1-988339-36-8  (epub)
ISBN 978-1-988339-37-5 (mobi)
ISBN 978-1-988339-38-2 (Smashwords)
ISBN 978-1-988339-40-5 (POD)

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