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"Michèle Laframboise impresses the hell out of me."

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Greater Garden jurisdiction can count on a dependable police force to fight crime. But Officer Gowoon’s uncanny talent for crime-solving has provoked resentment from her hermaphrodite peers.

To defuse the tension, the GGPD chief sends the headstrong snail on a dangerous patrol, leading a bunch of unruly police candidates. This could easily sink Gowoon’s career, when their band of sloggers must glide through Back Door Area, the most dangerous place in the Garden.

Deadly traps, drama, disputes, nothing will stop Gowoon from protecting her recruits and her career!

Corruption and back-stabbing, danger and sexual tension… your backyard has never been so interesting! A perfect spring reading, with a quirky story-telling style reminiscent of Watership Down.

A 9000-word story by Michèle Laframboise, a multiple award-winning author of SF novels, who doesn’t hesitate to dirty her hands… in the garden soil!