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For fans of hard science fiction this book Is a wish fulfilled, a dream come true.

R. Graeme Cameron about "5 Hard and Crunchy SF Tales"

On Ganymede, a girl receives an invasive lifeform for her eleventh birthday…  A dispossessed cowboy toiling aboard a luxury cruise ship meets an odd passenger. A young heir stumbles upon the vile truth hidden behind a balmy resort. A weary cargo Captain deals with a stubborn door and a infected ship’s AI. Lightyears from home, a stomach technician experiences the pitfalls of living off the land, in the quest for a viable world.

Five hard but hopeful SF short-stories with a touch of sweet humor, cooked by multi-award winner Michèle Laframboise.

Hardness mixed with Hope


Luxury space liners
space Exploration
search of a new Earth
growing up on Ganymede
cargo captain
Exploitation of resort workers
Family ties

160 pages
5 x 8″

14.95 CDN paperback
4,99 CDN ebook