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This is absolutely charming hard SF

Karen Burham, Locus

Welcome to the Big Bang Bar, where the playground of the ultra-rich spans whole solar systems. Follow a cyber-butterfly soaring over the devastation of a post climatic Earth, with strings attached! Watch a proud woman stranded in the pitiless Martian desert find her way out — or die trying. Discover why an alien ship must keep eternally shifting its parts. Or would you prefer to jump a few billions years forward to witness the end of our universe?

Five hard and crunchy SF stories to sink your teeth in, cooked by multi-award winner Michèle Laframboise.


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– Thinking inside the Box
– Ice Monarch
– Closing the Big Bang
– Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus (translated from the French by Sheryl Curtis)
– Cousin Entropy (translated from the French by N.R.M. Roshak)

Those five stories have been published in French and English

Keywords: Collection of short-stories, short reads, cyberpunk, climate SF, end of the universe, alien contact, Mars colony, hard-SF

Language: English

Âges: 14+

Length: 160 p.

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Available at:
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