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White Valentine

A WOW romance

A fantasy geek locked out of his car in a raging snowstorm, late for his blind date, and he's no elfin warrior. A young woman, no princess either with the scar marring her face, her hopes fading as the snow piles on.

Will this heavy snowfall doom their Valentine date?

A short and quirky romance told by multi-award winning author Michèle Laframboise


Nick leaned on the steering wheel, squinting hard through the quickly freezing windshield. Two rows of copy-paste bungalows dwindled away in a perfect one-point perspective, marked by the phantom glows of receding streetlights. Falling snow blurred the edges of the houses like a fuzzy picture on an old TV set.

A hostile wind blew through cracks and cavities, its teasing whistle putting a lie to the hermetic bubble his brand-new Volvo should be. Cold was also creeping in, making Nick regret the warm duffel coat he had left at home. His thin grey Takay nylon vest was no more than a fashion statement.

He felt as tired and cold as the earth under the pavement. He loved the winter and snow, but only inside his fantasy novels.


His starched shirt pulled and stretched across his shoulders, his belt divided his body painfully into two unrelated parts. His feet were sore, despite the Superior Shoes vendor’s assurance that his new ankle boots would “loosen up” quickly.

Lying on the passenger seat, the pink, heart-shaped chocolate box and the grocery store rose bouquet seemed to mock him. The yellow roses had many petals and no scent. Even if Nick bent close, he could only inhale the oily and rubbery new car smell.

His empty stomach growled, as he had been too nervous to eat. He had tried to stave off hunger with mints, but the last one had dissolved on his tongue an hour ago.

For a moment, Nick was tempted to roll into a tight ball under the emergency quilt, the snow falling over his metal burrow, sleeping like some innocent animal until the next spring… forgetting all about this ill-fated date. He was a computer geek, not James Bond.

The gushy female voice of the GPS had insisted he had the wrong address. Nick had parked at the curb of the nameless copy-paste neighborhood to check on a five-year old paper map. As puffy flakes lined the wipers, slowly building upward, Nick realized that, in his eagerness, he had mixed up East and West Avenue.

When he inserted the key in the ignition, the six-cylinder engine did not roar to life. The sub-par battery had died, leaving him stranded.

And soon to be late, unforgettably late.


Reviews:Ronnie Roberts on Amazon reviews wrote:

"The perfect quick pick-me-up read that will make you believe that there is good in this world and yes, the universe does look out for you. "

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