A Lady Byrd Adventure

Trapped in the most beautiful place on Earth, what's a fearless birder to do?
Part of the Bold and Birding series:
  • Condor Cliff

Trapped in the most beautiful place on Earth, what's a fearless birder to do?

Equipped with her Sibley guide, explorer hat and field glasses, Amanda Byrd fearlessly pursues the most elusive winged species.

Following on her late husband’s footsteps, she explores a beautiful canyon, along with a gaggle of tourists led by Ed, a very patient native guide. As a majestic California Condor swoops overhead, Amanda discovers that their group has been trapped at the bottom with their only way to climb back up sabotaged. Ed fears that the canyon will become a mortal cauldron as the day progress.

Who did it, and why? The canyon keeps many secrets, linked to her husband’s past…

A short-story introducing the feisty Lady Byrd!

Publisher: Echofictions

The bedrock gleamed like the copper pans on Grandma’s counter.

In the pan’s bottom, the lake emerged like a turquoise tongue from the sandstone cliff. The only sounds heard at this early hour were the gentle rolling of sand grains on the slopes, a few calls by the desert birds, and the awed murmurs of fellow tourists.

Standing by the lake near the guide, I waited for the slanting rays to touch the sandstone wall, projecting its ragged outline against the other face of the canyon. Most people saw an Indian profile reflected in the lake, as the travel brochure proclaimed.

The moment came and went, without me being able to make anything out of a ragged line. I breathed an arid lungful of air, tainted with the scent of blooming flowers, of sand and mud. I walked on the ribbon-like layers of hard and soft stones. Those orange, brown and ochre ribbons crept everywhere on the canyon, as if a giant brush had painted its walls.


According to the brochure I forgot in the bus, this pool was the most beautiful place on Earth.

What good is standing in all this beauty if I cannot share it?

I came here because I had promised Paul I would.





Mystery  / humor / older woman protagonist