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About Echofictions

Echofictions brings to the world stories that resonate with all ages!

Eventail de livres

With more than 40 titles out and counting, Echofictions stories are never boring and offer a range of hard-to-soft chocolate SF whose flavor will stay with you for a long time !

Echofictions publishes short and sweet (sometimes bitter-sweet!) stories in multiple genres from short form to novel-length, all filled with satire, drama and inspiration. To reach its readers, Echofictions publishes books, audiobooks and graphic novels in English and French. 

Each collections puts an emphasis on diverse human facets:

  • the wonderful, over-looked women in the WOW Stories,
  • the dramatic situations and difficult moral choices in Echovisions
  • the echoes of past events, striving to keep one step away from oblivion, in Echoes.
  • And a comic collection children-friendly with Sunday Artist Studio

Novels / graphic novels / audio books / short fictions

To know more about the author, visit Michèle Laframboise’s official website.

WOW Stories/  EchoesEchovisionsSunday Artist Studio

Échofictions publie des histoires qui résonnent pour tous les âges!

La maison veut offrir des ouvrages accessibles bourrés d’humour et de rebondissements, allant de la courte nouvelle au roman, du chocolat sucré au mi-amer. Pour rejoindre des lecteurs et lectrices avides de découvertes, Échofictions publie des livres, audio-livres et BD en français et en anglais.

Chaque collection met l’emphase sur des facettes différentes de l’humanité:

Romans / BD / Mangas / Audiolivres / nouvelles

Formidables  /  Echos  /  Echovisions Sunday Artist Studio