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5 Chocolate-Rich Holiday Stories

A heart-warming collection

5 Chocolate-Rich Holiday Stories

Whatever is the flavor of your life and your deep-rooted beliefs, the shorter days leading to the holidays often coincides with difficult situations, forcing hard decisions.

It is a time when the heart may feel the relentless pressure of the exterior world, and also experiments inner turmoils of its own. No wonder, then, that so many striving souls lack confidence! When everything darkens, I crave for the oldest of pick-me-up, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

Yes, I love chocolate in all forms

Yes, I love chocolate in all forms

I love chocolate (I know, not original since I share this taste with hundreds of million of people). Dark chocolate, artisan-made chocolate, ethical… and also, hot chocolate, at certain occasions. For me, hot chocolate reminds me of the scout camps, when we doled out the evening collations tothe cubs  after a long day of activities.

I rarely drink while reading a book, because I might get drops on the pages. But yes, on rare occasions I have enjoyed the treat of reading on a good chair, with the cup of chocolate nearby.

As the Holiday Season is upon us, I put out my first collection in paper and ebook, 5 Chocolate-Rich Holiday Stories published by Echofictions. 

5 Chocolate-Rich Holiday Stories

The paper edition (132 pages) also makes a fine Christmas present.  

Those new, upbeat stories include three sweet romances set in the Holiday period, and they’re best enjoyed with a cup of chocolate, or your favorite treat ! 



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