A free novella featuring a distinguished bird watcher. Fun, danger and ornithology! Learn MoreFun, danger and ornithology!

A heart-warming collection !

When days get shorter, we crave the oldest of pick-me-ups, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Those five short-stories deal with trials and new beginnings, and how friendship or even love can bloom in the worst conditions, provided we never stop hoping for the best.

Five Holiday tales of compassion and courage, of wonders and sweetness by multi-award winner Michèle Laframboise, to enjoy with your favorite mug of warm chocolate !

This is a charming, feel-good story, the perfect pick-me up read that will make you believe that there is good in the world and yes, the universe is looking up for you!

Ronnie Roberts, author of the Poet, Oregon bestselling romance series, about "White Valentine"

Discover hard-boiled sleuths at work!

Called on an accidental heat-death, the best sleuth of the Greater Garden Police Department suspects foul play.

Officer Gowoon slogs her way through her investigation, among the low-lifes and beer-smugglers, warding off mating attempts from obnoxious colleagues and keeping a wary eyestalk for those lightning-fast giants roaming the territory.

Corruption and back-stabbing, danger and steamy passions… your backyard has never been so interesting!

Those books are the perfect spring short reads, with a quirky story-telling style reminiscent of Watership Down !