Un monarque qui se fait attendre

Alors que le mois d’avril nous envoie ses hauts et ses bas, un monarque a décidé de se faire attendre… La publication Monarque des glaces, de la collection Echovisions était prête à sortir, les couvertures réalisées, dans les deux langues. Or, l’auteure, une grande distraite, avait oublié qu’une version anglaise n’avait pas fini ses rondes de soumissions.

Deux semaines avant la sortie prévue du ebook, un  magazine professionnel a demandé à l’auteure de retenir l’histoire de notre monarque pour une deuxième ronde de lectures. Comme une demande “hold” est presque le Graal pour les auteurs dans le milieu de Sf littéraire, Echofictions a accepté de retarder la publication jusqu’au dénouement de l’affaire.

Entre-temps, la date de publication du Garçon de carton va être avancée au mois de mai.

Voici donc, en grande première, la couverture!

Couverture du Garcon de carton, nouvelle            Cover of story

One Monarch has to wait!

It is the prerogative of royalty to be fashionably late.

This spring, the Ice Monarch ebook was ready, edited and its cover designed, to be uploaded on all channels. Alas, the author had forgotten that one version of the story was still making the rounds of professional magazines. (Tsssk!)

Two weeks before the launch, a professional market has requested to “hold” the story. A “hold” request being almost the Graal for SF writers, Echofictions has agreed to sit on the publication until the matter is resolved.

Meanwhile, publication of the next book, Cardboard Boy, having its own cover design and editing completed, has been advanced.

And the first Echofiction audiobook is in the production phase.




Dort-on en février?

Le jour de la marmotte approche!

Echofictions compte maintenant 6 titres (3 en anglais et 3 en français) à son actif disponibles sur les plateformes.

Poursuivant son défi de publier dans les deux langues, Condor Canyon,  la version française de Condor Cliff, mettant en scène l’intrépide Lady Byrd, a été mise en ligne sur les principales plateformes à la fin de janvier.

L’année 2017 verra la sortie de nouveaux titres: Monarque des glaces  en avril, suivi de  Cardboard Boy (Le garcon de carton) en mai.  Ces deux nouvelles de l’auteure de SF Michèle Laframboise initient la collection Echovisions, qui publiera de la socio- et science-fiction visant un public mature. 

Condor Canyon couverture


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A Fearless February !

As the famed Groundhog Day is on us, Echofictions now counts  6 titles (3 English and 3 French ) currently available on most plateforms.

The French version of Condor Cliff , presenting the fearless Lady Byrd, has been uploaded at the end of January.

2017 will see a bunch of new titles erupting : Monarque des glaces next April, with Cardboard Boy (Le garcon de carton) following up close. Those two longer stories from acclaimed SF writer Michèle Laframboise will start the Echovisions collection, socio- & science-fiction aimed at a mature public.

Stay tuned!

Condor Cliff Cover / Photo by Shutterstock

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Flying under the Radar : the WOW stories


You don’t see them.

But they know you.

They could be your excentric aunt, your doting grandmother, your thoughtful – or adventurous- mother, your spinster cousin, your manic sister…

Most stranger don’t give them a second glance as they walk around, except those smart enough to notice the twinkle in the eye, the purposeful gait, the hidden strength of their smile.

Mature, older, bolder: though-as-nails or deceptively frail, meet feisty and fearless Lady Byrd, Running Jane, Cougar Sue…

Those are the wonderful odd women in your life, starring in the WOW series brought together by Echofictions.

The WOW acronym is a nod to the 1974 anthology collection Women of Wonder, edited by Pamela Sargent.

Wow can mean Wonderful Older Women, as those protagonists are still so rare in our mainstream fiction.  But there are countless invisible women around us: the  different, the marginalized, the shamed, the rejected, their inner strenght buried under unflattering physique, addiction, infirmity or unpopular tastes.

Those are the ones you pass in the street, without seeing them. Because they dwell so far from the center of the bell-shaped normal curve of standardized beauty that they don’t make a blink on your radar.

Those are the strange, the misfit, the shy, pushed aside but shoving back with all their might, none of them willing to accept to stay a doormat.

Ligia, a caustic geologist, overweight on Mars; Mistress Theodora, ruler of Gany City; Marilyn, a gen-altered Monroe look-alike slave burning to get freedom; Carmilla, a friendly and bumbling vampire orderly working at the the Icarus Nursing Home… and Armelle, a frail-boned and shy Martian born of two mothers.

Together, the older and bolder compose the Wonderful Odd Women, a series of novels, short-stories and novelettes in different genres, but celebrating the diversity of life, with humor, drama and gusto!


The first WOW story is coming out this month on Oct 20th: in French as well as in English


Available on Kobo, D2D, KDP, SmashWords

Exciting books coming your way !


Echofictions publishes novels and graphic novels, adventures, romantic comedies and SF dramas, in e-book and printed formats.

The 2016-2017 publishing calendar will be announced this summer. Echofictions is currently closed to submissions.